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Healthier Eyes, Happier Patients

Visionology review 5 star

- Bret K. / California

I have suffered from Dry Eye Disease for 30+ years. Tried most of the eye drops available. I received a sample of Visionology's drops. They work better than any of the others I've tried.

Visionology review 5 star

- Brenda S. / Tennessee

I use Visionology's drops because my insurance stopped covering my other eye drops. They have the best customer service ever.

Visionology review 5 star

- Teri V. / Florida

I've been struggling with Thyroid Eye disease for a year now. It causes extreme dry eye because of the swelling and eye lid retraction. Klarity-C has totally changed my life! The double vision has nearly vanished and my scratchy, irritated eyes feel normal again.

Trusted by America’s Top Eyecare Doctors

    "Of the patients I've placed on this medication, several improved significantly. One patient had an OSDI score improvement from 68 to 31 at 1 month, as well as symptomatic relief. Patients appreciate the affordable cost."
    Julia Nemiroff, MD
    Julia Nemiroff, MD
    East Florida Eye Institute
    "These Dry Eye Drops have been a great addition to my practice. It's a fantastic lubricant and is very eye friendly. The cyclosporin concentration has benefits we're familiar with the wide use of Restasis."
    Michael Greenwood, MD
    Michael Greenwood, MD
    Vance Thompson Vision
    "These drops deliver the expected anti-inflammatory effect to the eye in a comfortable eye drop. My experience with the drops for Dry Eye disease shows repeatable improvement. The ability to treat Dry Eye Disease with a higher concentration of Cyclosproine improves patient outcomes."
    Ahmad M. Fahmy, OD
    Ahmad M. Fahmy, OD
    Minnesota Eye Consultants
    "These drops are a great addition to my options for treating Dry Eye. Compliance is good with this formulation, and patients can access this medication directly from Visionology. There are No prior authorizations needed and no denials from insurance companies."
    Bret Fisher, MD
    Bret Fisher, MD
    Eye Center of North Florida
How It WorksHow It Works

How Visionology Works?


Diagnosis and Initial Treatment Plan

Take our short Dry Eye quiz to help us better understand your case. We’ll evaluate your information, determine if our eye drops may help and come up with a customized treatment plan, including your prescription.

Start Dry Eye Quiz

Provide Payment and Shipping Information

Once you've reviewed your Treatment Plan, provide us with payment information and where you’d like your prescriptions delivered. There is no long-term commitment and a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


Prescription Review and Shipment

A Board-certified Visionology eye doctor, along with our pharmacists, will carefully review your Treatment Plan, ensuring it best meets your needs before it is shipped to your door.

What You'll GetBenefits of Visionology

Benefits of Visionology Eye Care

100% Preservative-Free
Dry Eye Solutions

Preservatives in other eye drops may cause corneal and conjunctival toxicity, including cell loss, and inflammatory reactions. Visionology's Klarity-C drops (Cyclosporine 0.1% ophthalmic emulsion) are 100% preservative-free.

Treating The Root Cause, Not The Symptoms

We can customize treatment options to tackle the root cause of your Dry Eye Disease with minimal side effects. Our prescription formulations work to reduce inflammation, and allow your eyes to produce and maintain your natural tears.

Instant Access
to Eyecare Professionals

Need to talk to an eye care expert or pharmacist? Not a problem with online, on-demand access.

White Glove Convenience

Appointment setting at thousands of eye care professionals nationwide.

Safe & Secure

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We closely adhere to industry best practices. Visionology is both Legitscript Certified and HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA Compliant Visionology.com

Don't Pay More Than You Should
For Dry Eye Care

  • Get started for $1 for the first month.
  • No insurance prior authorizations needed.
  • No commitment. Cancel any time.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
Start Dry Eye Quiz
30-day trial. Just cover $4.95 in shipping + handling. $59/month thereafter.
Medical Advisory BoardMedical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board

The Visionology Medical Advisory Board consists of America’s leading Board-certified eye doctors and surgeons. These renowned professionals and thought-leaders guide our approach to ensuring patient access to Visionology’s affordable and high quality treatments.

    Terry Kim, M.D.

    Terry Kim, M.D.

    Constance Okeke, M.D.

    Constance Okeke, M.D.

    Richard Lindstrom, M.D.

    Richard Lindstrom, M.D.

    Blake Williamson, M.D.

    Blake Williamson, M.D.

    Jesse Richman, MD

    Jesse Richman, M.D.

    Edward Holland, M.D.

    Edward Holland, M.D.

    Paul Karpecki, OD

    Paul Karpecki, O.D.

    Kelly Nichols, OD, MPH, PhD

    Kelly Nichols, O.D., MPH, PhD

    Preeya Gupta, M.D.

    Preeya Gupta, M.D.

    Cynthia Matossian, M.D.

    Cynthia Matossian, M.D.

    Christopher Starr, MD, FACS

    Christopher Starr, M.D., FACS